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25th-Dec-2015 02:00 pm - Merry Christmas! 🎄

Everyone, have a very merry Christmas!

18th-Jun-2008 03:50 am - ♥ Setomaru starring in KoiZora
They finally lifted the ban off him! ^_^v

The new project Setomaru mentioned a few weeks ago, that made him so happy, was officially announced by TV channel TBS today. He will star in the upcoming TV Dorama KoiZora ("Sky of Love") as Hiroki “Hiro” Sakurai. The female lead part of Mika Tahara is played by Elena Mizusawa (a 16-year old model, who was working together with him before on a few photo-shootings for the "dating-fashion-specials" in the magazine SEVENTEEN). The production staff is the same as for the movie version from 2007, so will director Natsuki Imai ("Orange Days","H2") be in charge again, too!

"KoiZora" is a romance drama about the first love between two very, very different Highschool Students - the sweet, shy Mika and the rebellious, rowdily Hiro - which is soon taking a tragic path for both of them.. . I don´t really want to spoil the story too much, because it has an great, important twist. Just, be aware that it´s dealing with very serious themes like underage sex, rape, violence, pregnancy and death. It´s going to be seriously very sad and everything but a lighthearted Dorama. (But I love sad stories T_T)

The story is based on the supposed life experiences of its young author Mika, a first time novelist. It was first published as "Keitai-Shosetsu" (Cell-Phone Novel - like Tenkure) on the popular cell phone site Mahou no iRando and became an instant hit, leading to its adaptation into a Book, which sold over one million copies in its first month, the hit movie from last year (starring Yui Aragaki as Mika and Haruma Miura as Hiro), and now an Dorama for 2008´s sommer season.

The broadcasting  of the TV Series will start on the 2nd August, Saturday at 20:00 on TBS.

Official TBS site
Official Site
official Dorama site
Dorama Report
TBS Announcement
Sanspro.com News
D-Addicts Thread

♥ Ganbatte Setomaru~!!! o^_^o
18th-May-2008 08:31 am - Happy, happy birthday~ ♥
20歳のお誕生日おめでとう瀬戸丸 ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ 将来は明るいと思います!大大大大大大大好きです!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

*why not?*
Only, I fear some fans might go for fried duckling if it turns out to be true. :P

But, from start: New pictures of next years "Kamen Rider Kiba" were followed by a rumored final main cast.

It´s said to be ...Collapse )
23rd-Nov-2007 11:43 pm - Setomaru 185 - 199
I can´t let him beat me, before he reaches his 200th entry! *yosh*

Takki has a guest appearance in Akasuka Fukumaru Ryokan II (Episode 7). He looks really handsome, even though he plays a total jerk! <.< He went abroad last week. 3: Good that he is back, just a few days and something was already missing.

Unya, back to Setomaru ♥, even if my footnotes tend to be longer than his actual entries, enjoy~

Setomaru 199Collapse )
Setomaru 198Collapse )
Setomaru 197Collapse )
Setomaru 196Collapse )
Setomaru 195Collapse )
Setomaru 194Collapse )
Setomaru 193Collapse )
Setomaru 192Collapse )
Setomaru 191Collapse )
Setomaru 190Collapse )
Setomaru 189Collapse )
Setomaru 188Collapse )
Setomaru 187Collapse )
Setomaru 186Collapse )
Setomaru 185Collapse )
31st-Oct-2007 04:12 pm - Abarenbo Mama - Episode 3
Now with more screencaps! v^_^vCollapse )

☆彡 The new layout is awesome!! o^_^o
☆彡 D-Stage Vol. 2 ... in June ... YES PLEASE!!! o*______*o Katsu was right again! ^^v
☆彡 NO update in one whole week. T_T That´s long :(!
☆彡 A happy Takki is great, especially if he is looking forward to a re-union of Seigaku. 人(・ω・)☆゚*。
24th-Oct-2007 12:03 am - D-Stage!

D-Boys Stage
Vol. 1

23rd-Oct-2007 03:34 pm - Calculations across Generations
☆ It´s amazing to see that they shared 150 happy shows, 150 times on stage as Golden Pair, 150 times fans could enjoy them live, 150 times full of backstage fun and jokes, 150 times enjoying the applause and cheering from their fans and 150 times just being together as friends and team! ♥

Who is holding the record?Collapse )

Is it Christmas yet? I really can´t wait for the 3rd Generation Best Actors Album! o^_^o All together now - that´s amazing! A curious side question, how do they want to organize the events this time?! ^_~ We will have such a big re-union! o^_^o
22nd-Oct-2007 10:48 pm - A vet like that o*_*o
Wouldn´t this boy have become the hottest vet in the history of veterinarian?

o*__*o ... beware!Collapse )

And, I really love his taste in music! ♥ I was looking after Tegami from HY, the song he sang at the D-Karaoke competition. It´s a really lovely song and I bet he sounded gorgerous. With his range he could have sung it either like this or with his darker timbre, what would I give for a recording of it. *_* Out of curiousity for the higher tones too! It´s still funny to see that he was able to sing in this crazy position. O.o And I found a better .avi version of the Flow MV from Garden. ^^v If you haven´t seen it yet, have a look. ^_~

HY - てがみ (mp3) ☆
HY - てがみ (MV) ☆ Flow - Garden (MV) ☆

P.S.: 早く良くなってね, 瀬戸丸! ♥
19th-Oct-2007 02:08 pm - D-Karaoke
We learn nice things from Takki like eating ice-cream in the night and right after you get up. And, stuffing full bananas into the blender? O.O At least, the yellow-something in it looks like a bit banana-skin. Most vitamins are in it anyway. :P You´re awesome Takki, you know that? ♥

This position is a nightmare for every singing teacher *lol*Collapse )
18th-Oct-2007 08:31 am - A little bit Wild Mama
♥ Setomaru is from now a regulair member of the Ikemen-gang (see the little boy between the men? *giggles*)! *yay* But, we can´t watch it. *pouts* Aaaand, he is currently filming already a new Dorama. But we don´t know anything about it yet. *pouts* Curious what it is? Of course! Hopefully he will tell us soon!

Aaand, he got two small scenes in the first Abarenbo Mama episode mostly in the backround, and I really have a favourite. It´s at the very end and you can hardly see, but hear him. ^^ Is there someone going scheming with a certain Mama? ^_~ The preview looks great, especially because the Mama-competition is taking place in the Kindergarden. ^_^v

I liked Aya Ueto before, but Yo Oizumi is stealing her the show. *lol* He makes a great hair-dresser. O.o And of course litte Takeru, who is playing his son. Cute! I wanna see more like now. Next week seems so long ... owwww, but D-Stage. ^^v

Abarenbo Mama ClipCollapse )
17th-Oct-2007 05:42 am - It´s late again ...
Good news: I found the first episode of Abarenbo Mama and a little special.
Bad news: Remaining download time ... 2 days T_T

Buuuut, just 7 days! o^_^oCollapse )
16th-Oct-2007 02:06 pm - Out of Order
Do you remember "Out of Order", a play in which Endo and Kaji played two brother and in every show appeared two more D-Boys as guest Stars in one scene? I would have loved to turn the Einstein-Rap-Clips into a guessing game like I did with Juu-chan, but it´s no fun without knowing your reaction and you´ll see the solution at the end. 3: So, I will give out names. ^_^o Enjoy~!

D-Boys & the Einstein-Rap:
Wada & Channaka (Wow!)
Shirota & Yanagi (*lol*)
Setomaru & Nakagawa (♥ Great!)
Igarashi & Yanagi (Coool!)
Arayan & Zukki (*rofl*)
Setomaru & Tomo (my favourite Version ♥ but these two are D-Boy´s HipHop-Kids anyway ^_~)

Drama Parts:
Endou and Ouji-san
Grandfather and Grandson again
Two Brothers - Kaji & Endou
Two brothers and a big Dream
A little explanation

Yanagi & Igarashi practising
A pile of D-Boys (- fledglings 3:)

Just in this moment it´s airing time for Abarenbo Mama! o^_^o
13th-Oct-2007 04:01 am - o^_^o Finally!
Yes, it´s almost 4 a ´clock in the morning and I should be asleep for a long time already, but they just updated the official site! So, more informations about Abarenbo Mama! o^_^o

How mentioned, the airing time will be from 16th October until December. It´s taking over HanaKimi´s spot tuesdays, at 21:00 p.m. The Comedy Dorama is set around the relationship of the wild Ayu (Aya Ueto) and just divorced single-Papa Akira Kawano (Yo Oizumi). The differences between both couldn´t be more evident. Free-spirit Ayu grow up on the countryside and loves the sea, Akira instead is used to city-life and responsible for his 5-year old son. Despite the age-gap of 12 years, they marry and seem happy, but everything than a plain couple ...

Don´t read further, if you wanna keep it a surprise for yourself. ^^

Setomaru´s part will beCollapse )

I really can´t wait to see a trailer! o^_^o
12th-Oct-2007 03:30 pm - Secret!
... The day Spiderman failed ...

... and became really sadCollapse )

P.S.: Only 4 days until Abarenbo Mama and 12 more days until D-Stage! o^_^o
8th-Oct-2007 04:05 pm - Guessing game?
I wish, I had the other part ... ^_~

Who?Collapse )
5th-Oct-2007 04:09 am - ~ Handle with care ~
~ The gift from Angel ~

Awww, ^^ yes how said last week, 天使がくれたもの (Tenshi ga Kureta Mono aka The gift from Angel) - or just short Tenkure - premiered, too. Setomaru´s part is Izamu Hayama, a former junior highschool crush from Mai (Yuki Shimizu), the female protagonist in the story. You can find a little summary and cast list back here. ^_~ It´s really not going to be a happy movie, but still, I like love tragedies and this movie looks very interesting so far, and Setomaru~! ♥_♥

Since he prefers comedy over dramatic parts, maybe we even won´t get to see him in too many sad stories at all (but, that would be a tragedy in itself T_T). Until now, I can only remember two, Okita Souji´s part in D-Stage and this one. Maybe "Dreams in a ribbon Box" was also, but I have no clue, because there are almost no informations about that play. So, either way this movie is really going to be interesting. o^_^o But, as for Setomaru´s role in Tenkure, Izamu seems to be a key-charachter with his connection to Mai. There might be some mistakes in there, because it´s from a very clustered summary, but have some spoiler ...

Spoiler, Pictures & TrailerCollapse )

Please, somebody watch it and enlighten me on my bad summary! The DVD is still sooo far away! It´s running nationwide, maybe that´s making it a lot easier to catch it, too? You can´t miss it, just watch out for a poster full of blue and white, added with big angel wings.
Aliens? Happy Ranger? Bini Bloodworth´s fashion influence?

Noooo~Collapse )

October Set! o*_*o
But now, how many expressions can a human face create? Because, he is exceeding!
29th-Sep-2007 04:54 pm - News of the day ...
Somebody else thinks too, that the person who had the idea plastering the D-Boys blogs with ads now, should be punished? Or at least, should have picked a more decent sponsor? It´s looking awful. >.< I felt sorry for the Ameblo-boys already, but now D-Boys too. It makes them look, like they need donations. <.<

Tenkure is premiering today! I would so love to see it, hopefully the DVD will be released soon. But, next year in spring maybe seems to be the fastest. Still so long ...

Setomaru is either playing a hairstylist in Abarenbo Mama or the whole cast was photographed with Beauty Supplies! ;P His character´s name is Abe Naoya. ^_^

Tenimyu - The Progressive Match Higa feat. Rikkaidai will start on the 12th of December. It´s a little strange to bring Rikkaidai in the Higa arc, since they would be only bystander in the 2nd round, nya. Where is Rokkaku?! Anyway, Seigaku´s 4th Generation will be announced in the next Jump. Thank you, iceblueaya! *hugs*

TT________________TTCollapse )

And, no TeniPuri in the next issue, which is reducing the number of chapters Konomi-san would have to really end it. See, it´s impossible to finish it now! There must be another plan!
28th-Sep-2007 04:49 am - Anniversary & Genius

♥_♥ Takki and Setomaru in full chibi Golden Pair cuteness! Can you resist their blinking? o*_*o
Thank you soo~ much, nacchi_camui!!! ♥ Please, no kidnapping! ^_~
Also, today it´s been 4 years of Tennis TeniPuri experience for me. ^^ *kicks horio* It surely didn´t seemed so long, since I watched AniPuri for the first time. O.O

22nd-Sep-2007 04:50 am - TeniMyu Rhyme

x_reggg *glomps* Thank you!!!
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